We BELIEVE in dodgeball! Starting in 2020 we at Ball Out team want to bring experience and knowledge to the dodgeball community. Spreading performance training, fitness and nutrition advice for all to implement so you can get the most out of your gameplay. No matter what kind of dodgeball or what kind of league you play in, we want to help you improve and learn how to better your life. Ball Out is a resource for players and spectators alike, give us a listen and help us bring dodgeball to the next level!


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With years of dodgeball and health experience Hadwin looks to spread his knowledge of both to help the sport grow. Starting his dodgeball career with Central Michigan University he now plays for the Columbus Gamecocks in the USA Dodgeball Premier Circuit. Hadwin has been in the fitness space for close to a decade as a trainer, physique competitor and an athlete. To learn more, listen to Brett’s “Meet The Host” episode by clicking the more Brett button!



Currently Playing for Chicago Kaiju, Myles works as a trainer where he brings his experience in running track collegially for RIT. This is also where he graduated with a bachelors degree in exercise science. Years of training and dodgeball experience he wants to pass on to upcoming and current player. To learn more, listen to Myles’ “Meet The Host” episode by clicking the more Myles button!

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3 Basic Steps to Succeed


The building blocks of sports performance and overall health. See what you need for to be fueling up with and recovering with for the next game or workout.


Learn how you specifically should be training to maximize you gameplay. Building strength, improving agility or improving overall health we can help you!


Build leadership skills to help you prepare your team. Learn how to be an effective leader and how to communicate ideas to your team.

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