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The Ball Out Dodgeball Podcast was created to fill a void. Brett and Myles, being dodgeball players themselves, saw an opportunity to better the sport. On their own, they are both successful trainers and health professionals. Together, they are helping the dodgeball community better themselves, and teaching players how to preform at their peak potential.

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  • Ep #33: Play Styles and Leadership
    The guys talk dodgeball! Talking about play styles and how they differ depending on opponents and where in the game you are. Discussing how you see different styles across regions. Then getting into some leadership talks, on how established teams adjust on the fly and if there is a shot caller or a hive mind […]
  • Ep #32: Ballistae Origins w/Steve Damon
    The guys sit down with Steve Damon one of the Founders of Ballistae to get more of a feel for the beginnings of the brand. Steves dodgeball journey and where the company is going. There was also a little fun had with what might be to come from a partnership! 
  • Ep #31: Ball Out Tournament?!
    The guys sit down to fill everyone in on what has been brewing at Ball Out. Talking about what is coming soon, in the future and what is still in the brainstorming stage. Since the launch Brett and Myles have been dedicated to spreading dodgeball awareness and helping the sport grow and improve, always making […]

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