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The Ball Out Dodgeball Podcast was created to fill a void. Brett and Myles, being dodgeball players themselves, saw an opportunity to better the sport. On their own, they are both successful trainers and health professionals. Together, they are helping the dodgeball community better themselves, and teaching players how to preform at their peak potential.

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  • Ep #43: Breaking Through Plateaus!
    Today the fellas sit down to discuss breaking through a plateau and how to avoid the frustrations. They also go down a few rabbit holes like they usually do talking about progressive overloading, how to rotate in a reverse diet and some new things Ball Out has in the works!
  • Ep #42: Avoiding the Holiday Weight Gain and Goal Setting
    In this episode the guys talk about how to go into the holiday season prepared for success.  Making sure your mindset is on your long term goals and how to best attack your plate! Then they get into New Years Resolutions and how to make sure you make them stick for 2021 and the upcoming […]
  • Ep #41: Dodgeball and Roundnet w/Kevin Bailey
    In the longest episode to date the fellas sit down with former GVSU Capt and current Grand Rapid Dynasty player Kevin Bailey. Talking about everything from ball type to court size to how dodgeball can learn from other fringe sports like Spike Ball (Round Net). Getting into exercises and similarities of the two sports as […]

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