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The Ball Out Dodgeball Podcast was created to fill a void. Brett and Myles, being dodgeball players themselves, saw an opportunity to better the sport. On their own, they are both successful trainers and health professionals. Together, they are helping the dodgeball community better themselves, and teaching players how to preform at their peak potential.

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  • Ep #47: Throwing Styles
    Today the fellas sit down and discuss different throw styles. How arm slots or even grips change your throw. Which muscles are involved in different throws and how you can utilize all them to help a complete tournament. 
  • Ep #46: Best of Dodgeball IG page and Zany Sports w/Lauren Keith
    Today the fellas get a chance to talk about dodgeball down under with Zany Sports founder and the founder of the Best of Dodgeball Instagram page Lauren Keith. We talk about what it takes to start and run a league. How the Instagram account was started and what the future of dodgeball looks like in […]
  • Ep #45: Being a Great Teammate
    Expanding on what they touched on last episode the fellas bring up attributes that are needed to be everyone's dream teammate. How you can ensure your teams success and how if you are fighting for playtime, you might be able to grab a few more looks. As always there are some rabbit holes along the […]

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