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The Ball Out Dodgeball Podcast was created to fill a void. Brett and Myles, being dodgeball players themselves, saw an opportunity to better the sport. On their own, they are both successful trainers and health professionals. Together, they are helping the dodgeball community better themselves, and teaching players how to preform at their peak potential.

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  • Ep #27: Gym & Court Pet Peeves!
    The guys had some lighthearted fun discussing pet peeves in the gym and on the court. Diving into some deeper reasons why some are very irritating and how easy they are to fix. Lots of laughs in this episode! Let us know if you have any that we missed!
  • Ep #26: My Athlete Box w/Justin Coldiron
    Today the fellas sit down with their new partner Justin Coldiron from My Athlete Box. They talk about life business and some of the struggles that a small business has go to go through. If you are interested in more from MAB make sure to follow their social channels and see what they have is […]
  • World Update w/Alex Kelley
    Today we take a break from fitness to hear Alex's story. With everything going on in major cities we discuss how the dodgeball community can help make change and start the conversation. 

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