What is Ball Out?

Ball Out Performance, LLC is an dream set in motion. Here at Ball Out we have a goal to bring fitness to the dodgeball community so that people can play longer and at an elite level. Dodgeball is a growing sport and we want everyone to be able to play and experience it at the highest level possible. The team here is focused on giving you information and the tools needed to do those things in an easily digestible way so if you have played for over a decade or are still looking to get onto the court for the first time you will be ready. 

Meet Your Hosts:

Brett Hadwin:

Brett’s dodgeball journey started as a young kid (as most do) at a summer camp he went to. This spark carried him to keep playing in high school tournaments and then joining the Central Michigan University Dodgeball Team where he won a National title, a two-time All-American and two-time National Runner up. Currently Hadwin is playing in the USA Dodgeball Priemer series with the Columbus Gamecocks and looking to make a stand at the 2021 season. Hadwin’s fitness resume started with wanting to compete in a Physique bodybuilding competition in 2016. After doing his own programming and nutrition detail for his first show he was hooked, getting certified as a personal trainer and then going on to be a certified nutritional specialist he is always furthering his knowledge to help others.

Myles Garner:

Myles first started playing competitive dodgeball his freshman year of college and hasn’t looked back. This drive has led him to compete in many elite level tournaments/events in various regions of the US, such as, the Ultimate Dodgeball Championships, Elite Dodgeball, & USA Dodgeball. Myles was selected as an alternate on the USA Dodgeball Men’s National team in 2018. Currently, Garner plays for Chicago Kaiju in the North Region who is looking to be the dark horse contender in the upcoming season. In regards to fitness and training, Garner has been an athlete for over 15 years, including a varsity track athlete in college, where he majored in Exercise science. Myles is a certified personal trainer that specializes in sports performance and is looking forward to polishing his skills to not only improve his play style, but the help the dodgeball community grow competitively.