About Ball Out

Ball Out Performance, LLC is a dream set in motion. Here at Ball Out we have a goal to bring fitness to the dodgeball community so that people can play longer and at an elite level. Dodgeball is a growing sport and we want everyone to be able to play and experience it at the highest level possible. The team here is focused on giving you information and the tools needed to do those things in an easily digestible way so if you have played for over a decade or are still looking to get onto the court for the first time you will be ready. 


Receive guidance from experienced players who know better than anyone what you need to perform at your highest level!


Experience a professional team environment that keeps you on track.


The team at Ball Out is motivated to get you feeling your best on & off the court. Whether you are a new player, or a seasoned one, you will be confident stepping on the court – and excited to return!